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600 HP Push boat

MISS DEBBIE, 40'x18'x8' was built in 1975 and now has CAT power (estimated 600 hp) and Z drive propulsion. Current COI with two years before the docking. Has spent its entire life in fresh water in Kentucky. Reduced to 325k.

Towboats and Hulls for Sale

Miss Kathy - 30'x14'x5' Single Screw Towboat - Currently in operation

The Dude - 60'x22' Cummins KTA 1150M - Hull and Machinery

Edna Obryan Hicks - 54'x21' - Cummins 855's - Hull and Machinery

Tanner J - 40'x15'x5' - Humboldt - Cummins 855s - twin disc gears - easy rebuild

Jo Lendsey - 40'x14' - Single Screw - Hull and Machinery

The equipment listed below is currently out on charter. However, if there is something below that you need please contact us. It may be coming off charter soon and it could save you some money to pick it up where it's working now.
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