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Several 195'x35'x10'6" rock barges for lease

Heavy duty material barges. 3/4" deck plating. 1/2" knuckles and rake sheets. 40" single coaming, day rates depending on the job, water type, length of charter, etc. Available Eddyville, KY.

deck barge for sale PB955 a.JPG
deck barge for sale PB955.JPG

195'x35'x11' double skin deck barges for sale

These barges are a great options for dock, fleet, and small crane barges. The donor hopper barges have LOTS of life left in them. They were built with 5/8" knuckles and rake sheets, three stern compartments, three rake compartments, four mid body wing tanks. Decked over they make a low liability deck barge. Can add spuds wells or anything else you may need. Located in Eddyville KY, selling at 360-375k depending on new steel price.

Crane / Spud Barge for Sale or Lease

110'x52'x7' with (2)55' spuds, 10 compartments, 2 longitudnal bulkheads, recent UT readings available. Eddyville, KY

The equipment listed below is currently out on charter. However, if there is something below that you need please contact us. It may be coming off charter soon and it could save you some money to pick it up where it's working now.
spud barge for sale PB 722.JPG

120'x30'x7' spud barge for lease 

Double rake deck barge with (6) total compartments, (4) midbody and (2) rake. Like new barge ready to go to work. (2) 40' x 12" square spuds.

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