Dry Docks

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Deck Barge w/ Material Handler and Skid Steer for Sale: 195 x 35 x 12,  Located Catlettsburg Ky, the barge has been strengthened and decked over the full deck length.  This deck barge has the capacity to support machines on both ends of the barge simultaneously. The barge is in excellent condition with the bottom and sides gauging at 360 average, bilge knuckles are 470 average.  Included is a Link Belt 290 Material Handler with a 3 yard bucket and a Bobcat S550 skid steer (3700 hrs.) with a bucket and angled broom. There is a service building 30' X 12' with end roll up door at midship of the deck. Inside the building is stair access to the inner hull where there is an EVAPAR genset generator (25 KVA) for mobile electrical power and a 3000. gal. fuel tank. The electrical set up provides for 200amp. shore power hook up as well.  Call Chris @ 270 444 6688 or email chris.haas@paducahbarge.com

ABS SPUD BARGE: 180' X 54' X 12', ABS spud barge, extra heavy framing with internal coatings, (2) 34" spud wells with (2) 50' spuds.

DECK BARGES for SALE or LEASE:  (2) identical 195' x 35' x 9'6" double rake Deck Barges. (10) compartments including (8) mid-body & (1) rake and (1) stern compartment. New knuckles on both deck barges.  Great condition and ready to work. $225-300 per day depending on how long you need them.
SPUD BARGE FOR SALE: 115'x30'x7' Double Rake Spud Barge, (2)-16" x 35' square spuds (4) spud wells, (6) compartments, (4) mid-body compartments, (2) rake compartments. The bottom and sides of the barge have recently been blasted and painted. Extremely nice spud barge!

DECK BARGE FOR SALE:  AMAZING 300' x 60' x 11' deck barge with 24 rooms below deck (some with heat), water purification, sewer treatment, bow thrusters, tool cages, wash down system, extremely heavy built barge.
MATERIALS HANDLER AND SPUD BARGE FOR SALE:  2006 CAT 365C (9500 hrs.) with 70' reach and 4 yd. clamshell on a nice 175' x 38' x 9' spud barge that has (2) 52' spuds and (2) 60' spuds. A very nice rig that is ready to work. 700 per day or sell for 560k.
BARGE FOR SALE:120'x32'x7' double rake deck barge. Each rake compartment has lots of shear built in for easier transit in rough water. The barge has a great hull. Located at mile 43 Cumberland River.
DECK BARGE FOR SALE or LEASE: nice condition, large 260'x60'x 6.5'. 3 longitudinal bulkheads, 16 watertight compartments, A great barge that is suitable for a large crane with a few modifications or large work plat form as is. Located on the Ohio River in West Kentucky. MAKE US AN OFFER!
​SPUD BARGE FOR SALE or LEASE:  135'x35'x8' double rake deck barge. (2)14"x40' spuds, 6 compartment barge, (2) rake, (4) mid-body.  Heavy hull plating, 8 trusses per mid body compartment.  I-beam deck frames, 16" on center. UT readings available.  It gauges out well. Cranes mats available.   

DECK BARGE FOR SALE: 195'x35'x9' double rakes, 8 compartments, deck frames 6" channel @ 12" OC,  heavy built barges. Great jobsite / small crane barge with lots of life left.
DECK BARGE FOR SALE or LEASE: 115x30x7, single rake deck barge, 4 mid-body tanks, 1 rake tank, new bottom and beefed up in way of the center line and stern tanks for an excavator. RecentUT readings show that the barge gauges out as very well. Located at mile 43 Cumberland River.

DECK BARGE FOR SALE OR LEASE: 110'x26'x7', 6 compartments, 1 longitudinal bulkhead, 3 transverse bulkheads, major repair of the deck recently completed. 7 ton winches on the opposite corners. LIKE NEW !
HOPPER BARGES FOR LEASE:​ 200' x 35' x 12' with 3' coaming (25) open and (8) covered hopper barges available immediately. Nice barges that have all recently been docked, inspected, repaired, etc. All were built 1999-2001.
CRANE / SPUD BARGE FOR LEASE: 140'x40'x7', a heavy built barge, two longitudinal bulkheads, 15 compartments, with (2) 40'x 24" square spuds. Built 2017.
SPUD BARGE FOR SALE or LEASE110'x40'x7'6", single rake barge, 8 compartments. Buy now as is or buy later after we freshen it up and build her a new set of spuds. Located mile 43 of the Cumberland River.

FOR LEASE, NEW 195' X 35' X 10.5' Single Rake Deck Barge, (10) compartments including (8) mid-body, (1) stern crash tank, (1) rake compartment.  Brand New, heavy built barge. Lease rate is negotiable depending on length of agreement, location, etc. +/- 275 per day.

DECK BARGE FOR SALE or LEASE:  120' x 26' x 7' Double Rake Deck Barge. (6) compartments including, (4) mid-body & (2) rake compartments.  (3) Transverse bulkheads and (1) Longitudinal bulkhead. New manways and knuckles have been replaced 24" up and under. A very nice dependable little barge. Located in Eddyville KY, mile 43 Cumberland River.

DECK BARGE FOR SALE or LEASE:  100' x 26' x 6' Double Rake Deck Barge.  (4) compartment work barge for sale or lease. Nice dependable barge. 
DECK BARGES for SALE or LEASE:  (2) 195' x 35' x 10' single rake Deck Barges, one has coaming down one side.  New knuckles on both deck barges.  Both barges gauge out out well.  UT readings available upon request.     
Deck Barge For Sale:  Located in Catlettsburg, KY, 110' x 26' x 7' Deck Barge with (2) 12" x 35' round spuds.  The barge is double rakes with (4) midbodies and a centerline bulkhead.  The Deck barge includes a small storage building and (3) 300 amp welding machines with 125' of lead each.  The barge is plumbed for oxygen and propane.  Call Chris @ 270-444-6688 or email chris.haas@paducahbarge.com  
Deck Barge for Sale:  Located in Catlettsburg, KY, 110' x 26' x 7' Double Rake Deck Barge with (1) 50' square spud.  The barge has (2) rake compartments and (3) midbodies.  The barge comes with a small electrical room with transformer and breaker box, a storage building, a covered work area, (3) 300 amp welding machines with 125' of lead each, (2) NEW Lincoln Flextec 500 welding machines with 100' of lead and a Scotchman 65 ton ironworker.  
SPUD BARGE FOR SALE OR LEASE: 140'x40'x9' Former ABS barge, 6 midbody compartments, 2 short rake compartments, single 
longitudinal bulkhead, very heavy built barge, that gauges out well, with an extensive rub rail system that can withstand punishment.
(2) 18" x 46' square spuds, Located in Eddyville, KY mile 43 of the Cumberland River. 
NEW SPUD BARGE FOR SALE OR LEASE : 140'x54'x8' spud / crane barge, two longitudinal bulkheads, total of 15 compartments, (2)26" spud wells, comes with (2) 40' x24" square spuds. Call us with your questions. Currently located in Texas.